About us 吉田ハウスとは

‘Yoshida Haus’ is an old Japanese-style house near the station of Ikebukuro, Tokyo. The reception is on the same premises and is ready to answer various questions. I recommend it to those who want to stay a bit interesting in Japan.

It is a house in the parking lot.
Non-smoking, toilet, shower, fridge, electric kettle, microwave, Wifi, all rooms are air-conditioned.

Vew Notes 注意事項を見る

Price 料金

Room type 部屋の
Private room 個室
Capacity 定員

4 people


Room size(㎥) 部屋
6J+floor6m2+kitchen 6畳+土間6㎡+キッチン
Bed size ベッド
Single size futon × Number of people
シングルサイズのお布団 × 人数
Price 料金 7,560〜10,800JPYen
/for 4people one night 4人利用
Cleaning fee 清掃料金 3,240〜5,400JPYen

Facility 設備

Baggage storage and closet トランク置き場とクローゼット

Tourist conference table 観光会議用テーブル

Tourist conference stationery (tape, paste, cutter, scissors, nail clipper, band aid, USB power supply) 観光会議用文房具(テープ、糊、カッター、ハサミ、爪切り、バンドエイド、USB電源)

It is a bath that needs explanation at check-in. チェックイン時に説明が必要な風呂です。

Shampoo / Rinse / Body soap シャンプー/リンス/ボディーソープ

Notes 注意事項

Facilities & services 設備&サービス

·The bedroom is not a bed, it is a Japanese futon with a mat on the floor. Please confirm with the photograph.
·To use a bath, our explanation is necessary for ignition at the beginning. There are a lot of hot water, so it’s okay.
·The house is not for a person with a large body, it is for small Japanese but is it okay?

Check-in and check-out チェックイン・チェックアウトについて

Check-in チェックイン 15:00〜21:00

*We ask that guests check in before 21:00.
Please be advised that a late check-in fee of ¥1,000 may be charged for check-in after 21:00.
*There is no curfew after checking in. Guests may enter and exit through a nighttime entrance equipped with an auto-lock.
*The lock passcode will be provided at check-in.


Check-out チェックアウト 〜11:00

If you plan to leave early in the morning, please inform the staff when checking in.

About the hotel environment お宿環境について

·This house does not have a garden. It is in the entrance of the parking lot. But, it is quiet at night. There is no sound of idling.
·I and my family live next to the house, parking lot is my belongings. We will support your stay.

Other その他

·Smoking is prohibited in the room.
·Please do not throw cigarette butts and garbage inside the parking lot.
·Please manage valuables yourself.
·Do not make a noise at night, after 23 o’clock, please do not watch TV with loud noise.